My current paintings are the result of over 20 years experience as an artist. Capturing the objective expressions but drawn on inspiration from nature. They are reminiscent of my passion for abstract and love of music that unite and create my driving force. I manipulate variations of color which furthur enhance the implied space, discovering and creating from within. Primarily self-taught, I have been influenced by the classical, graphic and commercial arts. Drawing from each of those disciplines to follow my creative muse.
I work out of my home-based studio in Palm Harbor, Florida. From this setting, I am able to channel every sensory experience-whether taken from literature or found just outside my front door-into creations that speak from my soul.
Every artist's dream is to have art collectors take a serious interest in their work, and to have their creativity recognized and appreciated in the art world. I'm no different. If my passion for art speaks to a handful of people who appreciate what I create, I'll consider myself successful.